2 debates. 3 workshops. And 1 screening.

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Africa does not exist

Africa is not a country. How to give Africa today a more accurate image, as for its different strengths and wealth, its different cultures? What unites the 55 states that make up the African continent today? What differentiates them? Through testimonies and exchanges of opinions, we are trying to redefine Africa today.

The speakers will be announced at the beginning of April.

Les Représentations de la personne noire

Even today, representations of the black person in our Western societies are problematic. The recent episodes dealing with the “blackface”, the recent H & M campaign with the “Coolest Monkey of the Jungle” or Donald Trump’s comments on the West Indies and African states, show how complicated it is to get out of the caricature. The reception of these representations engenders various interpretations, according to the sensitivity, the historical awareness, the intimate experience of the people concerned. This debate pursues the objective of getting out of vain polemics, and to imagine what perspectives would make it possible to change these clichés and move the lines.

The speakers will be announced at the beginning of April.



Dakar, the new wave

Today Dakar is bursting with a new wave of artists, photographers, designers, actors and representatives of a modern Africa, who knows how to make the most of its tradition and its cultures to offer a new and contemporary look at the world.

With Khadija Aisha Ba (designer), Mamy Tall (architect) & Siaka Soppo Traoré (photographer)


Through example and storytelling, four Afro-descendant guests come to share their experiences, their initiatives and their entrepreneurial success.

The speakers will be announced at the beginning of April

The frizzy hair

Our partner Tribes Urbaines offers a workshop on frizzy hair and the various current and natural treatments that can be lavished on it.

With our partner Tribus Urbaines.



Wax In The City
6.30pm – 7.30pm

Avant-première exclusive Afrodyssée

Elie Sonnet and Flora Coquerel have traveled the roads of Africa to meet fashion designers, to tell in a superb documentary what is fashion and the African creation today. With Loza Maléombho, Elie Kuame, Nashprints, Adama Paris, behind the scenes of Vlisco.

Presented by Elie Sonnet (director) and Flora Coquerel (model and entrepreneur)

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