Afrodyssée is a non profit association which ensures the promotion of african contemporary creation. Every year Afrodyssée organizes events presenting african designers to an international audience. Afrodyssée endeavours to gather the best conditions to increase the network and the visibility of african designers.


Afrodyssée is aiming to promote the best collections and productions of contemporary african designers. We focus particularly on the following fields:
→  fashion
→  visual arts
→  craft

To reach these objectives, Afrodyssée has founded in Geneva (Switzerland) an international AFRICAN TRENDS MARKET. This event is the opportunity to showcase a selection of designers and craft(wo)men who represent and make the today african creations and trends.


In 5 years Afrodyssée has become a reference for the best African designers in fashion and crafts. Every spring in Geneva, Afrodyssée offers an international selection of creators who inspire the current African trends. With growing success, this event is now ranked among the top three most important of its kind in Europe, as African creation has become one of the essential references for the new aesthetics of our time.


In choosing its designers, Afrodyssée prioritises four criteria. When all these criteria are considered, the selected designer can obtain the Afrodyssée label.



The guarantee of healthy work conditions which respect the workers in the generation of goods.


Respect for the environment and sustainability in the choices of production.


Promotion of women’s participation in the generation of goods and the guarantee of equal rights and wages received by men.


Conservation and perpetuation of unique and traditional know-how in textile and craft production.



Association Afrodyssée
Route du Moulin de la Ratte 32
1288 Aire-la Ville, Switzerland







Vincent Jacquemet

Creator and Artistic Director
Event organizer in Geneva, Vincent is known for being an important player on the Geneva cultural scene, notably organizing: Soul Sisters, Chic Extravaganza, Rouge Tunnel, Virage Nord, Expo.02, la Fête de la Musique, New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2000.

Milena Kuflom

Finance Director
Active in the associative domain and having participated in the creation of several events management companies, Milena holds a Bachelor’s degree in economy, law and management from the University of Chambéry and a Master’s degree in management from the University of Geneva where she pursues law studies.

Nathalie Ata N. Nguissi

Fashion Show Manager
Nathalie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Fribourg and a a Master degree in Medical Biology at the University of Lausanne, where she completes her studies in Medicine. Activist in numerous humanitarian and cultural associations, Futhermore, Nathalie feeds an high interest for fashion.

Johanna Faye

Fashion Show Manager
French-Rwandese and Burundi native, Johanna has a Master in communications from the London Metropolitan University after spending 10 years in Paris. After graduating, she decided to move to Switzerland in order to use her skills in the Events Management field.

Gaëlle Mutombo

Market Manager
After a path full of travels, retailing and studies as well as internships in communication and marketing, between Montpellier and Paris, Gaëlle is currently employed in the geneva state administration.

Nadiejda Luntadila

Public Relations and Sponsoring
Nadiejda is an accomplished entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree in business management. After 15 years in public relations, communication and finance, she decided to create her own communications agency.

Lesley Reynolds

Public Relations International Geneva
Lesley has a Master’s degree in law from the University of Geneva and is a lawyer at a private banking institution. She is also well-known as a Gospel singer on the Geneva scene. Thanks to her close ties in the diplomatic world, she coordinates various major events in Geneva.

Bofonda Bokata Kouame

Public relations, Boutiques and Sponsoring
Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Ethnology, Bofonda has worked for over 20 years in the luxury, fashion and cosmetics industries (Escada, Armani, Michael Kors). Today, as ambassador of ByRedo perfumes, she is responsible for our boutiques and clothing network, and participates in the team sponsorship.

Didier Nsanzineza

Holder of a law degree, Didier is a tax specialist with a Swiss law firm. He is a member of the Young Bar Committee of the Geneva Bar Association and has also been active in the field of events for many years..

Bansoa Sigam

Combining her knowledge of traditional African cultures with her expertise in curating, Bansoa creates universes in which visitors can immerse themselves. Holder of a master’s degree in anthropology and museology, she considers the arts of Africa as bearers of history and devotes herself to promoting them.

Jasmine Benson

Decoration and Partnerships
With a Bachelor’s degree in design and communication, Jasmine has acquired experience combining scenography, photography and fashion. After two years as head of photo production at Vogue America in New York, she became an events manager at CERN in Geneva. Since then, she has been managing an agency organising events.

Bilel Dhouioui

Photo and Video Manager
Bilel earned a Bachelor’s degree in artistic direction, creative design and digital media. He worked for Havas Agency as AD, for Nespresso, Optic 2000 or Fnac. Today he works as a freelancer for fashion designers or luxury brands such as Chopard to create instagram contents.


Graphic design
Velkro is a graphic design studio founded in 2018 by Patricia Armada and Eva Vesikansa, a young, dynamic, fresh duo with several years of experience in the field. Velkro specialises in developing relevant concepts and colourful illustrations in print and digital.